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1. The Perfections Leading to Enlightenment (TA Boriharnwanaket)
2. Abhidhamma in Daily Life (Nina van Gorkom)

The Perfections Leading to Enlightenment (Ajarn Sujin Boriharnwanaket)

Read by Lodewijk van Gorkom. Translated by Nina van Gorkom.
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02-The Perfection of Generosity

03-The Perfection of Morality

04-The Perfection of Renunciation

05-The Perfection of Wisdom

06-The Perfection of Energy

07-The Perfection of Patience

08-The Perfection of Truthfulness

09-The Perfection of Determination

10-The Perfection of Loving-kindness

11-The Perfection of Equanimity

Abhidhamma in Daily Life  (Nina van Gorkom)

Read by Beverly Westheimer.
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ch01 - The Four Paramattha Dhammas

ch02 - The Five Khandhas

ch03 - Different Aspects of Citta

ch04 - The Characteristic of Lobha

ch05 - Different Degrees of Lobha

ch06 - The Characteristic of Dosa

ch07 - Ignorance

ch08 - Ahetuka Cittas

ch09 - The Ahetuka Cittas Which Are Unknown in Daily Life

ch10 - The First Citta in Life

ch11 - Different Types of Patisandhi-Citta

ch12 - The Function of Bhavanga

ch13 - Functions of Citta in the Sense-Door Process and in the Mind-Door Process

ch14 - The Function of Javana

ch15 - The Functions of Tadarammana and Cuti

ch16 - Objects and Doors

ch17 - Doors andPhysical Bases of Citta

ch18 - Elements

ch19 - The Sobhana Cittas in Our Life

ch20 - Planes of Existence

ch21 - Samatha

ch22 - Jhanacittas

ch23 - Lokuttara Cittas

ch24 - Enlightenment